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 between the phones.
 Bruce  Sterling  (1992)

lightsaber 4.0

"[...] Lightsabre 4. Arguably, from the name it should have been about the lightsabre combat (which wasn't that good, imo), but instead, it was clear the focus was on re-creating the Star Wars look (which was almost flawlessly executed)."
Maddieman, The Great TC Myth: Part 2, 13 July 2004

The Lightsaber mod can be called my real access-ticket to the MP-community and to gamemodding in general. Not long after I had learned to use MaxEd and had shown off the first screenshots of my results (which, in an improved version later found their way into the chain map project - CMP1) in the forums of MPHQ there was a call for help on a Star-Wars-themed TC. With not much hope, as I still was a bloody n00b, I applied and hinted to the thread with the screenies of my poor first level. HairlessWookie replied and out of this a long-time collaboration, and I dare say a friendship evolved.
    The core of my contribution to the Lightsaber-TC was my rendition of the famous bridgeroom of Darth Vader's Star Destroyer to be seen in "Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back". I guess it was, and still is, this piece of work, which defines my status and identity in the MP-community.
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