C y b e r s p a c e
 is  the  "place"  [...]
 between the phones.
 Bruce  Sterling  (1992)
All of the 'classic' anthropological fieldworkers collected the artefacts of the cultures they did research on. For a long time 'material culture' was a big issue in anthropology, but became less and less important through time. It indeed became some sort of 'deprecated' subdiscipline. Only during the last years 'material culture' was reborn in the wake of globalization and research on commodities and consumption. Game-modding communities actually produce a lot of artefacts, therefore they possess what anthropologists call 'material culture', although the artefacts are almost exclusively immaterial by nature (text, program-code, 3D and 2D computer-graphics, still and animated, interactive or not, sound and music). Untill now I have roughly sorted the MP-community's artefacts into four categories:

text_pics mp1mods
text_pics mp2mods
text_pics artwork
text_pics machinima

Details on the categories and their contents are furnished when following the above links. Originally I planned this sections to grow into a complete catalogue of the community's artefacts. But a non-database-oriented website like this one is badly suited for comfortably handling the sheer amount of possible entries. A weblog to the contrary is more than well suited for this purpose. So I decided to include in the website's sections artefacts which stand out -- either according to the opinions of the community's members, or to the criteria of anthropological fieldwork. In other words, this section's categories feature a selection. Over at the weblog I will create analogous categories, and there the projected complete catalogue can grow dynamically.

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