C y b e r s p a c e
 is  the  "place"  [...]
 between the phones.
 Bruce  Sterling  (1992)
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"Does anybody in this room know, what the hell I'm talking about here?"
Max Maven aka Phil Goldstein
The contents of this website (URI: http://maxmod.xirdalium.net) and of the accompanying weblog (URI: http://xirdalium.net) are results and work-in-progress of the research-project "maxmod" (abstract) undertaken by Dr. Alexander Knorr, online better known as zephyrin_xirdal. Therefore both—website and weblog—constitute academical work. They are non-commercial by nature. In consequence all content which is not generated by Alexander Knorr are citations which are allowed by 51 Nr. 1 UrhG.

CCThe academical work as a whole is protected by international copyright law. Some rights reserved by Alexander Knorr, according to the Creative Commons Public License (CCPL) "Attribution—Non-Commercial—Share Alike" (URI: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/2.0/de/)

The basis for the phone-logo at the top left was found in the meanwhile defunct graphics archive of the University of Michigan. The basis' of all other phone-logos were found scattered all over the Internet.
"Last night I crossed the line-of-no-return to absolute geekdom."
—jimeh (once upon a time via IRC)
Valid HTML 4.01 ... Strict! Valid CSS! The code of this website was completely written by hand on the freeware html-editor Phase 5.3 (This magnificent editor was originally written by Ulli Meybohm and then handed over to Hans-Dieter Berretz who maintains it now.) The website uses cascading stylesheets and utmost care has been taken to comply with the W3C-standard "HTML 4.01 Strict". The mods-sections in the exhibition are an exemption—they comply with "HTML 4.01 Transitional", because (due to a lack of clearness of mind) I have designed this pages using frames, which are rated as deprecated by "HTML 4.01 Strict".
The page works perfect on Firefox, Opera 6 and above, but I discovered some glitches when displayed on Internet Explorer 5 and above. On Macs the Internet Explorer and Safari indeed do some funny, but not grave things to the page. This will be fixed nevertheless, and I promise to test the site on other browsers, too.
Of course I track, view, and try to interprete the access to this website. For this purpose I use analog 5.32 by Stephen Turner, because "analog reports requests, i.e. what is going on at your server, which you know, rather than guessing what the users are doing."
A shipload of thanks goes to my friend KerLeone, who introduced me to the blogosphere, to LAN-parties and Q3A, to html and a certain attitude towards the latter. Not to mention the countless hours he had patience with me, explaining technicalities. Another ton of thanks goes to Stefan Münz for writing, maintaining, and keeping online SELFHTML, a tremendous resource and comprehensive do-it-yourself course in html and more, which goes well beyond mere technicalities.
"Ceci, messieurs, c'est du Xirdalium,
corps cent mille fois plus radio-actif que le radium."

—Zéphyrin Xirdal (Verne & Verne 1908b: chapter 10)
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