C y b e r s p a c e
 is  the  "place"  [...]
 between the phones.
 Bruce  Sterling  (1992)
There is conflict between different cyberian tribes. An example is the flaming, sometimes by means of obnoxious obscenities, of #wavelength by a bunch of people from #maxpaynehq and its consequences.

The taking away of the former helping spirit @chanserv and the creation of @mphqbot. ["I just said hello to a bot :o"; "... slaps mphqbot around a bit with a large trout"] [Gibson Zitat spells, spirits]

Turing test, Eliza, Gibson's Turing people. Artificial Intelligences having swiss citizenship (what else?) in the sprawl-trilogy. The chatbots have a kind of citizenship, too -- but in the territory of cyberian tribes, not in the offline-world.

"Roderick, oder: Die Erziehung einer Maschine"

On what are conflicts like this one grounded? Maybe ethnicity is too strong a term -- in my opinion the different people simply are attuned to different wavelengths.

-- WORK IN PROGRESS, to be continued --

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