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The shared core interest around which a modding-community condensates is inseparably linked with the production of artefacts. 'My tribe's' culture of things—material culture would be a blatant misnomer concerning the nature of the artefacts—manifests itself in a range of different kinds of things. Mods [in the strict sense of playable augmentations to the original game] of course constitute the most important category. For gamemodders machinima [motion pictures produced by using a computergame's engine's capabilities as a film studio] seem to constitute the second important category of artefacts. Machinima are results of the cultural appropriation of ICTs, computergames and a range of audiovisual tool- and editing-software in particular, and a subgenre of mods in a wider sense. As Wikipedia puts it: "Machinima is an example of emergent play, a process of putting game tools to unexpected ends, and of artistic computer game modification." Below is my attempt of a collection of machinima produced by members of the MP-modding community.

AKARI. 2003. DMC code.
[00:17min | .avi | 3MB]
engine: ↵Max Payne
comments: This short movie never was intended for the 'wider public', but was posted into a forum thread for the participants of the discussion. By showing off the movie Akari wanted to proof that he had been succesful to implement a 'DMC-code' into a MP-mod. DMC is the abbreviation for the computergame ↑Devil May Cry. DMC's gameplay is focussed on 'stylish combat'—a particular feature of the game, which quite struck the MP-community, is the player's ability to lift enemies off the ground by shooting at them, and to 'keep them afloat' by continuous shooting. Aesthetics of action like that very well complement MP's bullett-time feature, hence 'DMC-code' was an issue within the community for quite a time.

CHOI, JASON I. 2004. Only The Strong Survive [OTSS].
[↑download | 11:18min | .wmv & divX 5.2.1 | diverse qualities | from 72MB to 224MB]
contributors: Richard Grove, Scott Buckley, gToon, Johnny Kim, David Oh
engine: ↵Max Payne 2
official description: Andy and Brown are trained assassins working for the mysterious Organization. The long-time partners are sent to an apartment complex to eliminate a classified target during a heavy thunderstorm. They wait for their target in the courtyard of the apartment building. But something isn't right... | Filmed with the Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne engine, Only The Strong Survive is Riot Films' debut machinima production, and the first installment in a trilogy. | Only The Strong Survive has been in production since February 2004, featuring custom sets built from the ground up. It relies heavily on pre-scripted sequences, but there are shots that are done live and puppeteered, and even some where both methods are used simultaneously. The film was completed in 8 months.

HALLIER, JONATHAN [aka MADDIEMAN]. 2003a. The Real World: Gameplay Teaser Trailer #001.
The Real World
[↑download | 01:12min | .avi | DivX 5.0.3 | 20MB]
contributors: Kenneth Yeung, ↑Froz, ↑Steve Royer, et al.
engine: ↵Max Payne
official description: A short preview of the Real World ↵TC in action. Highlights: Neo model in action, prototype block/dodge system, Wallrun-shooting, and a heck of a lot more... :) Some of you might be disappointed to see that most of the moves from kung fu 3 are still intact. That kind of stuff is going to take a lot longer, I'm afraid. We've barely started. ^_^ Anyways, enjoy. ;)
official disclaimer: The Real World is a non-commercial modification for the Max Payne videogame; based on characters, and concepts by Larry & Andy Wachowski. All characters, likenesses, imagery, copyright Warner Bros. whatisthematrix.com

Polar Payne
[00:37min | DivX | .avi | 9MB]
contributors: ↑Steve Royer, HairlessWookie, Evan Preston, ↑Froz
engine: ↵Max Payne
comments: A short thriller-styled trailer distributed within the release-package of the cartoonesque mod Polar Payne.

JANTOL, TOM. 2005. The Puppet.
The Puppet
[.avi | 29MB]

[03:53min | .avi | 42MB]
engine: ↵Max Payne

NAG, RAJARSHI AND AMIT SHETTY. 2004. Payne 2 the Max.
payne 2 the max
[↑download 1download 2 | 10:24min | .wmv | 73MB]
engine: ↵Max Payne 2
comments: Payne 2 the Max won the category Best Real-Time Non-Interactive Movie (Machinima) of the ↑Rockstar Max Payne 2 Official Mod Contest: "'Payne 2 the Max' takes the viewer through a fast paced, cinematic recap of the Max Payne 2 experience. There may be some spoilers in there but the movie does a great job of showing off the beauty and drama of Max Payne 2."

QENDER [aka BRANDON SACHS]. 2001. Qender mod trailer.
Qender mod trailer
[↑download | 01:47min | .avi]
engine: ↵Max Payne
released: 13 November 2001

REMEDY. 2003. Max Payne 2 trailer
Max Payne 2
engine: ↵Max Payne 2

THEMANCALLEDZEE. 2003. N.A.R.C.—The Prologue
[↑download | 07:14min | .mpm | 39MB]
contributors: Rae, da12thMonkey, Joonas, m1tCh
engine: ↵Max Payne
comments: N.A.R.C.—Prologue stands out technically and in concept. The piece of machinima is not distributed as a movie-file, but as a modification for Max Payne—hence the file-format .mpm. So the epotential audience is limited to those who possess the original game. See the introduction by TheManCalledZee below.
official introduction: N.A.R.C. :: Retribution is a Max Payne Total Coversion. The idea occured to me over a year ago. For seven months I toyed with the idea of making a TC that was very film-noir, had a story filled with twists, thoughtful dialogue and blazing gameplay that followed the standards set by Remedy. For seven months, I developed the story, wrote the dialogue, imagined the scenes and fight sequences, and tried to imagine what such a mod would look like.
In April 2003, I decided to go ahead and make the TC, simply for the joy of making it and for the love of the world of modern video games. Over the next four months, I assembled a team of some of the best modders in the community. Mappers, Weapons Modellers, Character Modellers, Database Experts, Scripting Specialists, Particle Effects Experts, you name it. The mod has been now in development for a good four months and it will continue on for another (estimated) six additional months.
This release features the Prologue Map. In the coming months, five aditional maps will be released in two map packs. Although ihave already announced the release dates, I have learned the hard way that things can unexpectedly go wrong at the last minute without warning. So this time, I am not making any promises. These maps will be released when they are ready. Period!
I have come to understand and greatly respect the World of Video Games and the companies that make them. These games take a lot of time, a lot of effort, a lot of patience and long, LONG hours spent in debugging and perfecting. Let me take this opportunity to salute the efforts of these companies, such as Remedy, in bringing us such quality and insiring games as Max Payne. Hats off to you guys!
official story: Meet Kane Flint, a narcotics cop. Baddest, meanest cop to walk this side of Miami. He has had more drug-busts to his name than any of his fellow DEA officers. For years, Kane has been tracking the moves of a notorious drug-supplier that goes by the name of Efreet. Efreet is a mythical beast capable of teleporting and vanishing at will. Fits the description. It seems that everytime Kanegets closer to Efreet, he more or less seems to sense his approach and vanishes. Without a trace. Without a clue. Forcing Kane to start all over again.
The story begins with Kane receiving news that Efreet is making a major deal in one of the downtown slums in an old, decrepid neighbourhood called Devil's Blood. The deal itself would take place in a run-down hotel that used to be called "The Opal Palace" some years ago. The area is known to be infested with rival street gangs and random acts of senseless violence. Kane immediatly puts a S.W.A.T. team together to raid the area and prepares for the showdown.
On the warm night of September 5th, Kane, his partner Boomsy, and 8 members of his DEA Field Team
raid the streets of Devil's Blood...
For one last attempt at redemption...
For one last shot at retribution...
Until something goes wrong... Very wrong...
links: ↑N.A.R.C. A Max Payne Mod

YEUNG, KENNETH. 2004. Kung Fu clip.
Kung Fu
[.avi | 9MB]
engine: ↵Max Payne 2


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