C y b e r s p a c e
 is  the  "place"  [...]
 between the phones.
 Bruce  Sterling  (1992)
When doing anthropologist's style fieldwork in an online-community, field, working place, references, and tools start to blend and fuse. The following is an ever-changing attempt at a structured collection of hyper-references which represent a part of the part of cyberspace I literally do research in -- or in-between ...

Max Payne Headquarters (MPHQ) [forums have reappeared]
Max Payne Source (MPS) [currently only forums]
Max Payne Area: Your German Max Payne community (MPA) [in German]
Max Payne Zone (MPZ) [in German]
Deep Six [sometimes not available]
Max Payne Mods, "A Max Payne Mod Listing" by sentinel [closing]
Maxpaynedev (MPD) [closed and vanished]
Max Payne Portal [closed and vanished]
Max Payne Forums

Max Payne 2 France [in French]
Maxpayne.Co.UK: Supporting the British Max Payne Community
Max Payne sito italiano non officiale [in Italian]

3DRealms Forums
Max Payne Godgames [vanished]
Max Payne 2

'modpages' are static or dynamic websites which are dedicated to a specific MP-mod-project or deal with the work of one modder or a group of modders.

The Real World by Maddieman and Froz. Related sites are: Steve Royer's site, Suprakarma's Portfolio, and the newspaper-article The Game is not Enough.

Close to Truth: An MP2 mod

Katana by Maddieman and Katana News by StratonAce, and Katana Forums moderated by both of them: "Developed by Maddieman and modding veteran StratonAce, Katana is a story-driven game that draws you into the violent and chaotic world of an Assassin on the run: - from his Order; from the shattered remains of his past; and from the haunting screams of the countless people he's murdered. Competing for his severed head are the very people he used to work with - Mercenaries, Assassins, Ninja, and good old fashioned Psychopaths. The worst mankind has to offer. Heavily influenced by popular Japanese Anime and recent movies such as Kill Bill; Katana combines Max Payne's stylish Bullet-Time with stunning, yet brutal, bladed-weapon combat. With help and support from Kenneth Yeung, Katana lifts the Kung Fu 3 engine to new heights and takes the player to a new level of pain."

Mission: Impossible -- New Dawn

Rogue-Ops founded by StratonAce, now led by [HP]

Hell's Kitchen and Maddieman's blog [vanished with MPDev] by Jonathan Hallier aka Maddieman.
Froz's Mods
Evolution by StratonAce
MP 1/2 Tutorials by Mr. Uniq
pleyr design is now GTapex.com by endo
Les Vents Solaires by AKnott: MP1 and MP2 prefabs and very good tutorials.
Ghast Manor: Third Person Single Player Mapping
HP's homepage
Corwin's Levels Factory
Kipsta's Paynekiller [closed]


game related
Game Matters by Scott Miller: Design // Business // Marketing -- An insider's view of the game industry.
World of Stuart: Stuart Campbell, UK's leading game-journalist.
Got game?: the future of play by Andrew Phelps
Waxy.org by Andy Baio
Hinterding [in German]
Terra Nova: "Terra Nova is a collaborative weblog experiment. It is about an emerging social phenomenon called "virtual worlds" -- computer-generated, persistent, immersive, and representational social platforms. Currently, the most popular virtual worlds are massively multiplayer online roleplaying games (MMORPGs), such as Everquest and Star Wars Galaxies. However, there are many other old and new varieties of virtual worlds."
ludology.org: Ludology.org is an online resource for academic videogame researchers. It has been published by Gonzalo Frasca since May, 2001.
The Ludologist: "My name is Jesper Juul, and I am a ludologist. This is my blog on game research and other important things."
games without frontiers by Aki Järvinen accompanies the Ph.D.-thesis he is working on: Games without frontiers: Theories and methods for game studies. Aki Järvinen's gaming diary, the table of contents (includes thesis background), and chapters in progress of his thesis are online.
easily distracted by Timothy Burke: "a jackdraw perspective on culture, politics, academia and other shiny objects"
Golublog: "MMOGs, Music, and Melanesia" by Alex Golub -- another cultural anthropologist dealing with computergames.

online-culture related
Dienstraum: Medienlog [in German]
Mosaikum [in German]
Rufposten [in German]
Infocult by Bryan Alexander
New Media Musings by J. D. Lasica

sociocultural sciences related
Ethno::log (multi-language)
purse lip square jaw: "PLSJ is Anne Galloway - PhD candidate, technology researcher, ethnographer & designer, raised in the tropics, current inhabitant of Ottawa in the Land of Ice & Snow, lover of avocados and olives, the music of Medeski, Martin & Wood and My Bloody Valentine, strange places, brilliant & otherwise hardcore people"
rebecca's pocket: "Rebecca's Pocket is devoted to highlighting whatever catches my attention, and I'm interested in lots of things. Some recurring themes are media literacy, sustainability, web culture, and domestic life. I often post about current events. Contradictions intrigue me. In thinking about the Web and technology, I tend to be a pragmatist, not a promoter. My interest is in the intersection between technology and human behavior: how people use technologies and how technologies influence what they do. I am fascinated with unintended consequences. I post the occasional recipe."
romblog [in German]

cyberpunk related
William Gibson's [abandoned] blog
Schism Matrix: Bruce Sterling's [abandoned] blog
blog.wired.com/sterling: Bruce Sterling's running blog [Why the hell are those writers unable to give their blogs names?]

game related
gamestudies: the international journal of computer game research. "Game Studies is a crossdisciplinary journal dedicated to games research, web-published several times a year at www.gamestudies.org. Our primary focus is aesthetic, cultural and communicative aspects of computer games. Our mission - To explore the rich cultural genre of games; to give scholars a peer-reviewed forum for their ideas and theories; to provide an academic channel for the ongoing discussions on games and gaming."
Game Face: Germany's first print- and online magazine dedicated to game-development, -culture, and -research [in German].
GEE: Games_Entertainment_Education [in German]

online-culture related
First Monday: First Monday is one of the first peer-reviewed journals on the Internet, solely devoted to the Internet.

game related
Computerspielemuseum: The Museum of Computergames, Berlin, Germany
breaking in: preparing for your career in games. "Sure you play games, but have you ever considered making them? Computer and video game development is a fast-growing entertainment field, with a lot to offer you professionally and creatively. Your enthusiasm is crucial, but you'll also need skill and qualifications. Games are as competitive as any entertainment industry, and it's not easy to get that first job. But if you've set your sights on the games biz, we're here to help you build your skills, make informed decisions, and improve your chances of BREAKING IN."
game culture & technology lab
IMDb gamebase
Gamasutra: The Art & Science of making games.
Games Convention, Leipzig: Germany's biggest game fair (annual).

online-culture related
The Silicon Valley Cultures Project

The Internet Archive
electronic book review
offline explorer/webdownloader
modern footnotes in online publications by KerLeone [in German]
The Anthropology Review Database

beyond ...
STELARC's website, authorized by the artist. STELARC is an Australian-based performance artist whose work explores and extends the concept of the body and its relationship with technology through human-machine interfaces incorporating medical imaging, prosthetics, robotics, VR systems and the Internet. The interest is in alternate, intimate and involuntary experiences.
Pointless waste of time by David Wong

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